Corporate Sponsorship

BWA supports victims, women, children and families who are or have experienced domestic abuse.  BWA works in the local community; Reading, Wokingham and Bracknell.

BWA is always keen to explore opportunities of partnership working with corporate partners who share our ethos and belief.  That is; by supporting children today, we can help to build and sustain healthy relationships for the future.  Improving economic and social well-being, for the families of the future living in our local communities.

Working in partnership with BWA would enable your company to take a lead in supporting some of those vulnerable families and enable you to be part of shaping young lives for a better future.


Some suggested ideas you may consider:

  • Your company could make us your “Charity of the Year”Your company could sponsor a room in one of our refuges – your company name on the door of a room i.e. The BWA room
  • You could sponsor an event
  • You could be involved in Volunteering schemes for companies
  • Donate cash
  • Donate Gifts
  • Staff Time
  • Advertising
  • Matched Giving
  • Organise a collection for us – Toiletries, toys, financial
  • Hold a volunteering day
  • Payroll giving
  • Provide a regular gift or donation
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