BWA Helpline

Our helpline on 0118 950 4003 is open between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, and 24-hour help is also available in emergencies using the same number.

The helpline provides callers with a time to talk about your options and a chance to be listened to. Callers can get information about housing, legal, financial, council and other services related to domestic abuse. They can also get help with somewhere safe to stay if they are too frightened to stay at home.

BWA helpline advice is:

  • Confidential – all conversations are held in confidence between BWA and the caller.
  • Friendly – there is no pressure, we are here to listen in the first instance.
  • Non-judgemental – victims of abuse can be made to feel guilty, to believe that it is their own fault. This is never true, but it is part of the pattern of abuse. BWA staff do not judge – we are hear to provide support and advice.
  • Open to all – anyone can get advice from our helpline, and if you need specialist advice we have sources we can make available. We can advise friends and relatives who are worried about someone as well as victims of abuse themselves.
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