Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Whilst the risk of staying may be very high, simply leaving the relationship does not guarantee that the violence will stop. In fact, the period during which a woman is planning or making her exit, can  often the most dangerous time for her and her children.

Many women are frightened of the abuser, and with good reason. The statistics show that violence is common.

Families can react to people choosing to leave a relationship in different ways – sometimes helpful, sometimes not, even if their help is well intentioned families don’t always have the information they need to provide positive help.

In the end the decision to leave is one that only the person experiencing abuse can make. BWA will provide the advice and information to enable individuals to make their decision that is right for them and their children. BWA will also provide advice on how to stay as safe as possible and what actions might be open to people leaving abusive relationships.

You can contact the BWA helpline at any time as the first step to getting advice that can help.

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