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Loss of Funding in Wokingham (June 2021)

We are very sad to have to tell you that after many years of supporting survivors of domestic abuse in Wokingham we have lost the local council funding for our services in the borough.

We want to reassure survivors that the core services will be delivered by a new provider.  We will continue to independently offer the services to the local community in Wokingham that survivors tell us they need.

As a local community service we know there is a huge demand for refuge services locally, so alongside your invaluable community support we will continue to provide much needed safe spaces for women and children in the borough and will look at further services that survivors tell us they need.

We are hugely grateful to all of you in Wokingham who have provided so much support for the survivors who need our services and look forward to continuing to work hand in hand to ensure they continue.






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We provided outreach support to over 1200 survivors

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