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Keeping Safe

For women, leaving an abusive partner can be dangerous, and not everyone will want, or choose, to leave their relationship. This information may help you stay safe, and help you plan what you might do if you decide to leave.

Prepare an escape plan for emergencies. Call a helpline in advance to get advice on what your options might be if you decide to leave in a hurry.
See a doctor when you are injured. Consider keeping a record of violent incidents and photographing bruises and injuries in case you decide to prosecute in future.
Call the police in an emergency and file a report about the violence.
See a solicitor as soon as you can if you think you may need an injunction.
Teach your children what to do in an emergency.
Keep money for a payphone/taxi and ensure your mobile phone is charged and has credit
If an episode of violence seems imminent, avoid rooms without doors to the outside.
Think about whether there is a friend you trust who you could go to in an emergency.
If you are not living with your abuser, make sure that all the door and window locks and lights (inside and out) work properly. Install an alarm if you can.
Change your phone number if you are getting threatening calls.
If your abuser may contact you at work, tell your boss and colleagues about the situation and ask them to call the police in an emergency.
Your personnel officer or Union representative at work may be able to help you.
If your abuser sends you abusive text messages, save them - they are useful evidence.
Keep a bag packed with the things listed on the refuge page. 
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