Ways to Help BWA

BWA will be expanding volunteer opportunites in the new year. If you could spare a few hours a week or could be interested please contact us on 01189500182.


You can help BWA combat domestic abuse in a number of ways.

You could:

Make a financial donation

See the section Funding and Donating

Donate your time, become a volunteer

Depending on your skills, what you are able to offer, or what you would like to do, there are a number of tasks you could help BWA with:

  • office administration, 
  • assisting in the refuges, 
  • accompanying women to appointments, 
  • helping women when they move into their new homes, 
  • assisting with support groups, or 
  • helping to co-facilitate groups.

Collect ‘Welcome packs’ 

Often women arrive with nothing more than the clothes they stand up in, or they may arrive out of normal working hours.  BWA provide a ‘Welcome Pack’ in each room for new families arriving.  These welcome packs enable families to come in, have a bath or a shower, make a cup of tea, get something to eat for them and their children and ensure that they can feed their families until they are able to access benefits.

These packs include such things as:

  • shower gel, 
  • shampoo, 
  • toothpaste, 
  • toothbrushes, 
  • pants, 
  • nighties, 
  • feminine hygiene products, 
  • nappies, 
  • pants and vests and 
  • some basic groceries.

You could organise to collect items to use in the packs either yourself, or you could organise a group of friends to do it together.

What Next?

If you are interested, please download an application form.

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