Can’t Leave an Abusive Relationship?

Leaving an abusive partner is difficult and challenging. There are all sorts of good reasons why a survivor may not be ready to leave and abusive relationship:



  • You may still care for your partner and hope that they will change (many survivors don’t necessarily want to leave the relationship, they just want the violence to stop).
  • You may feel ashamed about what has happened or believe that it is your fault.
  • You may be scared of the future (where you will go, what you will do for money, whether you will have to hide forever and what will happen to the children).
  • You may worry about money, and supporting yourself and your children.
  • You may feel too exhausted or unsure to make any decisions.
  • You may be isolated from family or friends or be prevented from leaving the home or reaching out for help.
  • You may not know where to go.
  • You may have low self-esteem as a result of the abuse.
  • You may believe that it is better to stay for the sake of the children


All of these factors are pressures on the person suffering abuse. Talking to someone can help – so for advice and support contact our helpline 0118 950 4003 or

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